The Betty Ife Fund

Information for North Shore VAWIR Service Providers:

Our colleague, friend and co-conspirator Betty Ife, passed away suddenly on March 20th, 2017. As well as the incredible work Betty did as a Family Justice Counsellor, Betty helped to set up the North Shore ICAT (Interagency Case Assessment Team) and was very active on the NS VAWIR (Violence Against Women in Relationships) committee. Amongst her many passions was a passion for women’s safety.
In Betty's memory, the Betty Ife Fund (BIF) is available for women and their children facing immediate financial barriers to getting themselves safe. We think this practical fund reflects Betty's practical side.
Who Qualifies? Women – including transgendered women - on the North Shore who need emergency funds to address an immediate safety concern because of a current or former partner.
Can you give me some examples?

  •  Getting locks changed because of the imminent release of a partner

  • Buying a bus ticket to leave town

What are examples of requests that probably wouldn’t qualify?

  • Counselling

  • Damage deposit or rent for a new apartment

  • Anything that might use up all or most of the funds would have to be carefully considered

Still not sure? Call Crystal, Bev or Connie to consult, or submit an application for your client
How does it work?
1. Fill out a BIF Application – get a copy from Connie (contact info below)
2. Fax or email it to Connie
3. The BIF committee will review the application and make a decision as quickly as possible
4. If the application is approved, someone from the committee will be in touch with you and the client to arrange to pass on a cheque
5. If the application is turned down, someone from the committee will contact the service provider to discuss the situation
6. NSCSS will assign a worker to the file and will need a client signature and receipts for accounting
Contact info

  • Note that Crystal, Bev and Connie work Monday-Thursday only, business hours


Connie Bonsteel - NSCSS
Ph: 604-987-0366
Fax: 604-987-1623


Bev Porter – Family Justice
Ph: 604-981-0188
Fax: 604-981-0035


Crystal Shostak – NV RCMP
Ph: 604-969-7527 Cell: 604-369-4851