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Training & Education: Immigrant & Refugee Women

Assisting Immigrant and Refugee Women Abused by Their Sponsors

BC Institute for Family Violence

A guide for service providers working with a client who:

  • Is an immigrant or refugee woman.

  • Has been sponsored to come to Canada by a partner/fiancé/spouse under the family class sponsorship guidelines.

  • Is experiencing abuse by her sponsor.

  • Wants to separate from her sponsor but is at risk of deportation.

Empowering Non-Status, Refugee, and Immigrant Women Who Experience Violence

Battered Women's Support Services

A manual for service providers with a woman-centred approach to managing the spectrum of needs from settlement to empowerment. It addresses the challenges service providers face, and the barriers that prevent women from accessing services. 

Immigrant Power & Control Wheel

Ending Violence Association of BC

A visual diagram exploring the factors involved in physical abuse, power, and control for immigrant and refugee women. 

Mothers Without Status

YWCA Metro Vancouver

Practical Information For Service Providers Working With Mothers Without Permanent Resident Status

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