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Training & Education: Legal

Clear Skies: A Family Violence Story

Legal Services Society

This is a fictional story that deals with family violence and explains the law in general.

Best Practices in Working with Battered Immigrant Women

Battered Women's Support Services

This guide is intended to further strengthen the collaboration between lawyers, legal advocates, and front-line workers to work towards ending violence against women in our community. This toolkit addresses some of the common challenges faced by lawyers working with battered Immigrant women, and provides tools and strategies that enhance effective communication with, and legal representation of women.

Violence Against Women and the Law

Battered Women's Support Services

This booklet, done in collaboration with the Nicola Valley Advocacy Centre and BC Courthouse Libraries, is a guide for non-legal professionals in British Columbia to learn where to direct clients when legal problems occur. It offers tips, tools, step-by-step process, and where to refer women.

When Battered Women Are Arrested: A Growing Problem

Battered Women's Support Services

Given the increasing prevalence of woman arrest and the dire consequences of being arrested, it is critical that advocates are proactive in assisting women who have been arrested, and that these women are provided with appropriate information, support, and advocacy.  This tool is designed to assist advocates to provide these services.


The Family Law Act Explained

Government of British Columbia

This document details the meaning and intention of each section of the Family Law Act. Where the section replaces, changes, or carries over a section of the Family Relations Act that information is included.

Legal Issues in Child Protection

Amanda J. Rose

An overview of child protection in family law. 

From BC Collaborates to Stop Sexual and Domestic Violence.

Family Law Act Overview

Amanda Rose

An overview of family violence in the law.

From BC Collaborates to Stop Sexual and Domestic Violence.

From Arrest to Parole

BC Collaborates to Stop Sexual and Domestic Violence

This report is an overview of The Criminal Justice Process. Presented by: Carolyn Sinclair, Maureen Parsley, Tara George, and Patrick Storey.

Leaving an Abusive Partner: Family Law Information for Women With Children

YWCA Vancouver

This booklet provides information that will help women to reduce any risks they may face when leaving their intimate partner, and in navigating the family law system. 

Women and Family Law: Parenting Time and Parenting Responsibilities

West Coast LEAF

This presentation provides:

  • A basic understanding of the changes to family law in the context of parenting.

  • Explores common legal challenges for women going through family law.

  • Greater knowledge for assisting women to navigate the legal system.

Presentors: Amber Prince and Shahnaz Rahman. 

Updates in the Caselaw

BC Collaborates to Stop Sexual and Domestic Violence

Overview of changes made after the implementation of the Family Law Act to previous legislation. 

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