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December 05, 2017

A Walk Through The Justice System

Learn about police enforcement, court and victim services response to relationship violence.

Targeted for North Shore community service providers and interested members of the public, this walk through the justice system gave participants a comprehensive overview of how the police, the court, and victim services organizations respond to relationship violence on the North Shore. 

July 12, 2016

Take Back the Net Technology Training

Presented by Rhiannon Wong from the BC Society of Transition Houses

This training was to raise awareness of technology enabled violence, how technology can keep women and children safe, and aid service providers in thinking about their agency’s use of technology. It provided basic information so that service providers have technology on their radar and are able to research topics further and enhance their already skillful practice educating and supporting women and children experiencing violence.

April 27, 2016

Educational Seminar on Intimate Partner Violence for Representatives of Religious & Faith Based Communities

Facilitated by Karen McAndless-Davis

This training event explored patterns of abuse, the many types of abuse, and the "impacts of abuse". It was for spiritual leaders, individuals who provide counsel or pastoral care and work with members in their faith-based community. Statistically, the first person a woman of faith will turn to is her pastor, minister, priest, imam, rabbi, or spiritual leader. As a result, leaders for women in a faith-based community become critical, front line workers in supporting victims of abuse. 

April 25, 2016

Elder Abuse Training Seminar

Elder Abuse Unit: A partnership between the Vancouver Police Department and Family Services of Greater Vancouver

This training session for North Shore service providers contained an overview of elder abuse including dynamics and statistics, the role of various designated agencies, and current practices and recommendations for support based on the work of the Elder Abuse Unit.

Relationship Violence on the North Shore: What Does it Look Like and What Role Can You Play? (Cancelled - New Date TBA)

Panel Presentation During Prevention of Violence Against Women Week

Panelists represeting the Criminal Justice System and community organizations to discuss the nature of relationship violence from the perspective of their own work. The presentors will provide information about available supports, and discussed the incidence of relationship and family violence on the North Shore. 

January 26, 2016

Family Law Information to Support Women Leaving Abusive Partners

Presentations from: Salima Samnani Law Corporation, Legal Services Society, and Battered Women's Support Services

This workshop provided attendees with valuable perspectives, information, tools, and resources about family law to help support women leaving abusive partners. 

December 06, 2015

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada

North Shore Coordinating Committee to End Violence Against Women in Relationships

December 6 represents an opportunity for Canadians to reflect on the phenomenon of violence against women in our society. It is also an opportunity to consider the women and girls for whom violence is a daily reality, and to remember those who have died as a result of gender-based violence. It is a day on which communities can consider concrete actions to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls. 


To learn more about December 6th, click here


October 27, 2015

Intimate Partner Violence Assessment and Intervention

Presented by Heather Whiteford

This workshop for service providers described social and neurological factors that affect victims of relationship and domestic violence, and the ways in which the perpetrators of violence remain a presence in the victim's life. It helped service providers to identify risk factors, strategize, safety plan, access resources for their clients, and provide effective coordination for victims of violence. 

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