Training & Education: Risk Factors/Assessment

Domestic Violence: Is There a Risk of Death?

Western Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children

Domestic homicides have been called the most predictable and preventable of all homicides. This website has valuable information for preventing domestic homicide including:

BC Summary of Domestic Violence Risk Factors Based on 19 Risk Factors

Ending Violence Association of BC

A summary of risk factors for women experiencing abuse. It is included as an appendix within the manual Interagency Case Assessment Team Best Practices: Working Together to Reduce the Risk of Domestic Violence, refer to page 60 for the summary of risk factors.

Talking to Abusive Men

Western Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children

What to do if you recognize some of the warning signs of abuse and how to stay safe when talking to the abuser. 

Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Safety Planning

Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative

The Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative strives to:

  • Foster collaboration and communication among organizations that work with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence;

  • Identify missed opportunities for intervention and prevention in prior cases of domestic homicide and develop recommendations aimed at different helping systems to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future; 

  • Ascertain and analyze best practices for risk assessment, management, and safety planning within vulnerable communities.

National & Provincial Initiatives: BC

Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative

In Canada we have many different sectors working to prevent domestic violence deaths through research, front line programming, death review committees, coroners' investigations, inquests, and inquiries. This website contains a list of select national resources and initiatives, as well as resources and news stories by region.

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