Resource Directory for LGBTQI2S* Services

Health & Wellness

Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre

The Catherine White Holman Wellness Society is a non-profit organization that is part of a networked community of helping professionals who prioritize the autonomy and dignity of transgender and gender diverse people.

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Battered Women's Support Services

BWSS recognizes that despite its absence in common media and anti-violence information, same gender and same sex abuse is widespread and prevalent. It is a reality in our communities and may be confusing to identify. BWSS is committed to facing this reality and providing relevant services and support for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, queer, transgender, two-spirit, and non-binary survivors of violence. Call 604-687-1867 or email

Ending Violence Association of BC (EVABC)

Safe Choices focuses on improving the health and safety of women who are currently or have been in abusive same-sex/gender relationships by empowering women and strengthening our communities to respond to this issue. EVABC's use of the term “women” includes transgender/transsexual women. While the primary focus of the program is lesbian, bisexual, queer, Two-Spirit, and trans women, EVABC is inclusive of people with various gender identities as well as gay men in some circumstances.


This program offers free, short-term counselling. Counsellors work collaboratively with their clients through a variety of appraoches. 

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Resource Centres


LGBTQ folks searching for community come together to meet, guide, and support each other in QMUNITY.

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